Why Use CMS

Implementing just the simple HTML pages can be easy for any catalog site – but for any site that is content rich and adding pages on daily basis will be a tedious process.

This is when CMS comes in to action. CMS is content management system and it really does the wonders.

There may be many kinds of CMS available but namely wordpress and joomla and widely favorites of all. With wordpress, as you know one can make blogs – and add content on consistent basis – it does manages all well by creating each page and providing a definite URL to each article.

These days as people are building a lot more complex sites in compare to the previous days – and for this joomla is extremely helpful.

Joomla is a kind of CMS with lots and lots of addon available and you can create anything with it – if you want to create site similar to YouTube you can create it – if you want to create social networking site you can create it.

In short joomla can manage any niche of the World Wide Web.

Use it Because
It is not for the easy page creation capability that you should use CMS – but these content management solutions are designed for attracting the search engines with near to correct onpage seo – and they do have basic of seo embedded in their scripts.

I also recommend using CMS even if you have to create minimum of 5pages simple HTML website. As it is by far easier to create content on CMS in compare to the individual HTML pages.

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