Why You Should Use Netbook

You must have heard about the new nano laptop technology netbooks – these are the small sized laptops with full functional features. You can do anything on these – these small sized machines give a great backup time of up to 7hrs.

I would recommended for every blogger to must have this small tool along with you whenever you want a mobile computing – its easy to use – huge backup time and very handy – usually the screen size starts from 7-8” but I will recommend that to have atleast 10-12” screen size as its easy to view and type the content.

To Have Netbook
For living a blogger life you need to serve better and be consistent with new ideas and thoughts for your readers. Therefore netbook helps you in all these – if you are bored from your home office – just move out to any park with your most handy blogging tool netbook and there you begin.

Laptops are bulky tools and usually needs more space to carry on the other hand netbook can just be your planner size or at par with it.

As you never know when a idea or a post hit your mind and you can instantly post it to your blog.

Some Brands
Netbooks are new technology that runs on Intel Atom Processor and the netbooks – good ones – come with a 1GB ram and decent size hard drive. Some of the leading brands that you can consider for buying are:
Acer – Asus – HP – Wipro – Dell

Be Handy with blogging.

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