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People are enjoying more blogging with these mini blogging platforms. The user-friendly interface and quickness of posting the stuff and writing just about some lines that makes a post. This makes mini blogging platforms far more attractive than tradition.

Despite of you being anywhere in the world with the help of just a simple mobile phone you can post your twitter post.

I don’t think that I have to highlight the features twitter any more as for this you can search my blog I have written many things about twitter.

What is This Post For?
Now, I am looking to join other people twitters let me elaborate on this I am looking for my blog users twitter to join them or other bloggers twitter.

Many of think that all of sudden why would I need to join them, the basic reason would be I need to gain more knowledge.

Yes! With joining other users or bloggers twitter you can gain some extra knowledge, which could enhance your blog posting knowledge some more.

My Belief
As I have posted some days back that to have or increase the knowledge interact with others, so I am just doing that while asking people to give them their twitter URLs.

What You Have to Do
In order to give me your twitter URL you just have to comment on the post and write your twitter URL. That’s it! And I will join your twitter.


More Make Outs
Now, when you comment on the post this will create a backlink for your twitter and posting comments also has some other benefits too. As, this will also help in creating buzz for your twitter account too.

I am waiting for your twitter URL!

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