Write the Stuff That Will Cherish

It is much said about the writing and how to write about blog posts. Many bloggers feel that writing is for making money. I reckon this statement, blogging is a medium for money making, but blogging is not just meant for money making.

Both are different scenes if compared, as if you blog about quality stuff then you are going to make money, but if you run for making money with your blogs I doubt you will never make.

People/bloggers believe in writing posts with as much keywords as they can so they could rank even better in search engines. Okay for this case you will rank, but will your post be useful with your approach to the audience? This is another stream to be thought about deeply.

As I have written about this many times in my posts that don’t write for search engines, write for your readers.

There is another new thought in my mind right now, that write the posts that will cherish for longer time, not for an instance. I would explain this in detail, how to shape up this.

Don’t write the posts, which are time sensitive and will expire with time. Most of these posts include the categories such as, “working on” or “installation”. These categories will expire with time. But if you write the theory of how to use these installation in a different way will cherish sometime later also, as this will not be time sensitive post.

If you are writing on self-improvement then include the topic, which you think might be used sometime later also. As for example: “How to Guard Paypal” or “Important Sales Aspects You Should Follow” these are some of the topics which I think would never expire with time.

Some years later also, you will be needing stuff like “how to guard paypal” if someone might had missed to read in this month, same posts he can read later when it comes to him. Likewise, after a year or two somebody who has not read the post “Important Sales Aspects You Should Follow” will love to read, as it will be helpful in any year.


This is also important; in case, if you might miss a day to write on your blog users can read the stuff which they might have not read before, in case your stuff is not time dependent. Therefore, write the stuff that will cherish with time and not expire.

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