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The most important thing in any business is a customer and the customer care is the most important part of the business. If you or your customer care part is not right then in today’s Internet scenario I reckon you may not succeed.
But before making the customer care the strongest part in your organization it is far more important that you understand your customers’ needs that what the customer is actually looking for. Other important aspect about a successful venture is your customers should never say or use these “May be some other time” – “I am not free” – “Will try later”
These are some of the phrases that could ruin your venture, it is not important that business is online or offline. This is applicable to all kind, but as for online it is much important as your impression is not personal and every aura of your website or customer care reflects the complete organization.
Try to Avoid
I believe that this is not possible for every offer that your present in your website, but you can yourself see to this that the customers that come to your website for some product they mustn’t use these phrases.
When any customer uses the phrase “Will try later” or “May be some other time” then there is alarm bell ringing for you for the offer you have shown in your website.
The customer uses these words when they are brought to you by some advertisement placement and then they speak to your customer care department, and as per the explanation provided by customer care, the mindset of customer is carved.
Build a Strong
To help your customer you must also keep a friendly approach to your customer via customer care, if your replies to the customer via customer care department is one-liners or very professional approach towards the sale, then this might not attract the customer. Therefore, your customer care should be excited about the product they are providing the information rather than being just a catalog.


Scope for Improvement
If your customer approach is friendly enough and still you are not having as much sales according to your target, then there is some serious issue with the product you are offering. Might be that your product is not with the time or it may have an interest shift of the customers.
Then probably you should add something to your current offer and make it even more attractive. A market research on this will be highly useful that what are your competitors giving away for the similar product. Just remember, “Improvement is an ongoing process”.

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