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Who helps whom and who is helping to actually make you money? This was a big strike in my mind this morning. Some pro bloggers reveal a plan of action, which they have actually worked out for their success. Why this though pumped in to my mind there is reason for it, I would like to share a small story with you.
The Story
There was a bird who was flying to the south as the cold wave increases, she was flying and flying but did not able to cross the north and cold gets intense that she got completely freeze in and could fly, she was helpless.
A cow just passed by and shit on her, as this helped her to defreeze herself and she was coming back to normal, but still due to shit on her, she could not fly.
Now there comes the cat and saw a bird stuck in shit, cat took out the bird and finally eat the bird.
The Moral
The point I am trying to make clear here, with this short story is that the one who throws dirt on you may be not be trying to harm you, and the one who takes out from dirt is not always your friend.
How to Use This
Just try to relate with this story. You have to keep in mind when you are being propped by someone or dropped, that whether the person is trying to actually help you.


This also can be termed as honest criticism, the true example could be someone commenting in your blog about your post and he can be generous towards you, but you keep a watch on the negative comments as they always help you to learn something.
So, just watch who helps and who is helping. This would rather enhance your daily performance too, not only the blog or website.

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