Actual Advertisement and Pro-Blogging Bloggers

Ads earning – people placing ads and blog owners make tons of money and then posts the same earning on their blog – that how much did blog made by means of selling advertisement space on their blogs.

If this is not enough to make you envy – some more write that they do nothing extra and express themselves as this comes naturally to them by writing and no special trick was their in making this ton of money.

Sha! What a series of false and how neatly said. Don’t Grrh! Yourself read the rest and you will come to know why I am saying so.

Advertisement Space
Few pro-bloggers sell their blogging space for $100 or $200 or more per month and claims that they are making money by direct advertisement sales because of their blog ranking, people are placing advertisements, but have you ever thought if the space was really meaningful?

Why they don’t place the affiliate links there and make more money then just making $100 or $200 per month for one space on their multi-millionaire blogs. Do think about it!

Few people are buying that spot for $100 or $200 per month and placing their affiliate banners in a hope they would make earning out of it – but this is a simple calculation if the affiliate links on the blog did work well for that particular pro-blogger why the one would directly sell advertisement space.

Showing its Very Simple
Some pro-bloggers do have blog that drives tons of traffic per month and by blah-blah means they earn from their blogs – but when you ask them what specially they did to drive such a huge traffic – they would very humbly say – just honestly and uniquely keep posting on blogs and you will get traffic.

What an untrue answer – most pro-bloggers advertises enormously on various ad networks – so they do invest on their blogs to make that ton of money – not just the simple writing involved in it.

Think Different Ways
Therefore, by just the means of writing will not make you a pro-bloggers in today’s hunting manic population – you do have to apply methods to drive traffic from various sources and before subscribing to such blogs for advertising think twice.

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