Adsense Ads in Your Style

A quick update from adsense – This update is rather in favor of publishers and I could really say that adsense people might have heard the pain and agony of many publishers.

The Update
If you have not gone through the structure of creating new ads in recent days then you might have not known about this update. Now, in adsense ads you can easily choose the font style that you want.

Available Font Style: Arial – Times – Verdana

Great help to the publishers who always wanted to have the adsense display their similar font style ads as their content.

Still to Go
Though this is a nice update but as always expectations are higher – I want to see a font size choice also in recent future. As this will give the new life saving ingredient for many publishers, due to a steep fall in adsense earning.

For the moment choose the font style matching your content and boost some much required earning.

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