Adsense Counts Traffic or Not

Now this is one question that is quite confusing and people tend to follow myths – in accordance with the answer to this question. You don’t need to be confused but just be logical.

While Applying for Adsense
Reading the terms of service and program guidelines is a good habit – and everyone should follow. But you need to be logical when applying for adsense.

If your website is new and you follow the complete adsense guidelines and even then your website is not approved – it is more likely possible that it was due to the lack of minimum traffic criteria.

Most People Don’t Agree
Now, understand this if you don’t have the minimum traffic then why would anyone place advertisements on your website – same is the case with the adsense approval.

They do want to have websites with minimum traffic so that users can view their ads. Since, all this is related to earning.

The traffic criteria is nowhere mentioned in the program guidelines – but as I said you need to think logically and present a quality website to the adsense approval team.

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