Adsense Placement Suggestion for Newcomers

When you have just started your blogging career I know its hard to have content written – and after a few days it feels like content skint. A lot more to do at this level is the kind of advertisement to be placed in blogs – as in initial level I doubt any CPA ads will work so the easiest to go with is adsense.

Also, there is considerable good ratio of new blogs using adsense – so as you begin with adsense – their might be chances that you have not placed you ads correctly – or for whatever reason your ads are not getting picked up by people.

This can be very frustrating with new people. The easiest of solution that you can apply to your adsense blogs at the initial stage is.

Solution for Adsense
You could use adsense-optimized templates on your blogs – since you have just started and there is a lot of confusion about placement. So, use these adsense optimized wordpress templates – as this comes with optimized adsense placement – so that you don’t need to worry so much on the placement and just concentrate on writing.

Moreover, if you are thinking about money involved in getting these adsense-optimized wordpress templates, then need not to worry as most of these templates are free of cost and you can download it from anywhere.

Just Google and you will get tons of results to choose from.

This might turn your blog and blogging’s fate – since it is the easiest – tested and tried method.

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