Adsense Tips for More Earning

As promised in my previous post of earning with adsense that I will write some more tips of earning so here it is.

We have to understand the basics of earning from adsense that blogs perform well in adsense – may be due to the search engine friendly nature and good placement technique that is in the blogs.

Tips to Follow
People usually try blogs to place their contents on and with it they place the adsense ads – but here it is when some people make mistakes and they don’t really realize what is the matter. Also this is true with some of the websites – people try this on websites also – where they have adsense on it.

People place adsense in the frame or at the page where content is not mainly hosted or crawled – like I have found many sites which make a frame and put adsense on it – and the content of the page is in another frame – this is the biggest mistake they do and this makes their earning less.

Because content is loaded into another frame and adsense is loaded into another frame – that’s those ads don’t refresh more quickly and often display the old adsense – which the visitor has previously seen. As adsense ads works best with content and they display relevant ads related to the content.

Keep a Watch
Whenever you put adsense ads on your website put in right in the content area – as they will refresh quickly and you will get more chances of earning – as visitors will be served fresh ads every time they visit the page.

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