Affiliate Program Started on Infogle Hosting

I am very excited to announce the launch of affiliate program in the Infogle hosting – recently we have implemented new billing script in the section and with that update – we have introduced affiliate program.

Very easy marketing and good money involved. We are giving out a flat 10% commission on all our plans to our affiliates, and not only the basic commission there is lot of bonus commission involved for the higher performing affiliates. I don’t want to highlight the bonus facts now in this post – the bonus structure details are on request basis.

No cost to signup and guaranteed commission to your account. We don’t have any strict policy on marketing and we didn’t have any reversed-sales ever since we started. Therefore, you can be rest assured that your efforts will not be lost.

There are not catch for this program – in your affiliate account you will find a simple affiliate link – which you can place and use the way you like.

Hope this post brings some good news to you in terms of earning. As I want to re-assure you that Infogle is a partner that you can depend upon.

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