An Exclusive Offer from Infogle Hosting

This offer is never before introduced in the hosting industry as far as my knowledge is concerned. The offer is given to provide the users little more of extra benefit and also a nice glance of earning with Hosting.

Description of Offer
Buy 2 and Get 1 Free. No I am not selling you any soap or any FMCG product. This is what the offer is named on Hosting. Now everyone can subscribe to hosting and within an affordable limit.

You must be aware of the fact that hosting desk and I have been giving the lifetime unlimited reseller packs for $90 on one time payment. Yes its right! You just have to pay once and never pay again. Most users ask what do you mean by lifetime hosting, till I get old or till I die? Nothing as such the lifetime offer is valid for a period of 10years. This offer has been successfully running around for one and half year now.

The Offer
Now it’s time to get more from Hosting. The offer is quite simple and of very easy understanding. Below is what you need to do:

You have to
Buy any 2 Unlimited Reseller Packs either you can pay yearly or for lifetime.

You Get
One Unlimited Reseller Pack for FREE.

How This Works
As I said the offer is very simple. Therefore if you buy 2 Unlimited Reseller Packs by paying on yearly basis you get a FREE account for one year. The yearly account is available for $49 and exact components available can be read here.

And if buy 2 Unlimited Reseller Packs by paying on Lifetime basis you get a FREE account for Lifetime. The Lifetime account is available for $90 and exact component available can be read here.


Profit for You
As you yourself can see that the prices are much less so if you buy this time you get a never before thought price. You can simple sell this packs at higher rates to your clients and take the profit.

Money Making Recommendation
My personal suggestion to market this is, if you buy lifetime packs and sell to your clients at yearly rates, so you make money for next 10years. Therefore Start making money now.

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