Another Ad Network Paying You in Paypal

Offers are really flowing this month as I stated in the starting of the month. New networks and affiliate programs and types and kinds of earning is also increasing with them.

Now in the scene is the new ppc network, which is quite good and with some good features.

BannerConnect Advertising without Boundaries

A simple looking website with first ever online support in the PPC network. As its PPC therefore they pay you on per click basis.

The site is build for the complete coverage of advertisers – publishers – networks. The power behind the mission as stated by BannerConnect is that they are themselves are the successful owners of several publishers, so they can understand the needs better.

As I visited the website for get a look of the opportunity I didn’t find anywhere written that how much they are paying. Neither was mention in the FAQ, so this I am just writing on the content I have gone through with the BannerConnect website.

Most appreciated feature is that they pay by paypal. But again a glitch that they are paying for a net-60 day period therefore you have to wait.

While reading more I just found out that they have CPM, CPC, and CPA kind of things. But still not sure that they are giving out what. I need to contact the support but just though that before contacting support if a person can make just from the reading or not.


Nothing as such great in terms of advertisers also, but they claim they have some of the leading advertisers as displayed in the advertisers section and also when I saw some of their creative running across the internet.

Also they have a dedicated price modeling and staff to assist the advertisers for every need and also for placing the orders.

But yes apart for paying by paypal and that’s also fro net-60 day period the exciting thing is they don’t have anything minimum in terms of payment.

Also promises not to serve any adult spyware, as some publishers were complaining in the past that some network ads were serving this.

Pretty small code to be integrated in to your website just a line of code to get the ads on your website. As its not contextual so you don’t need to modify any aspect of ads to display in your website just put the code any enjoy.

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