Are you a Content Writer or Article Writer?

Confused – don’t be! You must have seen at many places and used it that article writer or content writer needed – but have you spotted the difference between the two.

How do you rate yourself on the parameter are you a content writer or an article writer? Let me define both terms for you.

Article Writer
This is the most common term used for the writers – who can write something. Just writing makes them the article writer.

Article writer is someone – who gets the topic and writes the text on it by doing some research on the topic. Re-writing can also be claimed as article writing.

Content Writer
This is the least used term for the writers. Content writing is something in which you have to search for your own topic – make your own headline – do your own research and then compile the article.

In true sense a unique content. No rewriting involved.

content writer

You should always target on being a content writer and not an article writer – but sometimes article writing cannot be avoided.

Therefore, when somebody asks you for article writing – you can easily sense that the person is not demanding you to search for it – you just have to write and vice versa on content writing.

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