Basics of Marketing Redefined

My brother today asked me that – how could he market his newly launched website – Prude Infotech – by the way he is a multimedia expert – but as he has no idea about SEO or marketing – so he did want to know the basic from where he can start.

If you remember the basics of marketing and basics of seo are one and the same thing – and you could easily do the basics for your newly launched website.

Basics of Marketing
The time has changed and so as the internet – so before going for an ebook written method which you might have read somewhere – look around there’s all kind of basics around you.

No1: When you start your new website and there is no visitor – make a twitter account and tweet and then accumulate users and then they will visit your website.

No2: Like the same as first one – make a facebook page for your website – also you could find many addon options of promoting on facebook.

No3: Make it obvious to visit web-forums related to your niche. It gives knowledge and you get traffic – almost instant.

No4: Submit your site to Google – also if you can add a sitemap to your site – submit the same sitemap to Google.

No5: Create a blog for your website – this is the most obvious one – if you want to market your website good.

With all these points done – you can have abuzz created for your website – and this could very easily draw visitors to your site.

Pretty Simple
Very easy isn’t it – and everyone can do it – there is no technical knowledge needed – and with these basics you can actually excel your marketing too.

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