Before Attempting Dares on Your Blog

Many people who you might have visited before for blogging suggestions – have given many-many suggestions – but not just the suggestions work – they don’t actually tell you how to plan your blogging career.

This is the most lacking point in most of the pro-blogging blogs – they tend to show what they did and hint you to replicate it – but as you know there are some basics that need to be understood before attempting anything that is dare.

You Must Have Read
The obvious note that most bloggers give is to have some free-ebook placed so that can be download through aweber and the email that subscriber gives goes to your feedburner subscriber count – this is the most obvious way to increase the subscriber count – I mean almost all the pro-bloggers have attempted this and this is the only reason why you see lot and lot of subscribers.

Now, the question is when you have just started your blogging – you should not attempt to embed such an ebook to your blog – since you have just started and before writing few hundred posts – if you try this method it will look very awkward.

As you are advertising to download and gain knowledge by the means of ebook and you do not have much on your blog for a read. Just think of a situation!

Isn’t it!!

Therefore, before attempting any direful act – think twice and think wise – as not every suggestion might prove well for your blogging career.

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