Best affiliate niche to promote for sales

People get big checks promoting affiliate programs of sales and rest of those who are not making big enough are fascinated by the other users income who are actually getting big checks promoting sales programs and enjoying there cut of commission from product sales.

I myself believe this is the finest program where you get along with real buyers and let them know about the product and then if they are satisfied with the information purchases the product and you get your cut.

But, point of concern as I always say is; which of the affiliate programs or niche you should promote so that you should get more of your affiliate program. As all niches would not work well for every one.

Most of the hottest niches according to a survey in sales affiliate industry is “hosting” as they give nicest of cut in commission, so all users who are selling this just turn to hosting affiliate programs. But it comes the bitter truth with it that most of the hosting affiliate programs have a nice charge backs also! Yes as they do give money back gurantee and if the buyer dont liked the product he will simply request a money back and if he demands and company gives then its loss-loss situation as your commission would also be reversed.

The pain you have been in promoting the program and money and time you invested in promoting such affiliate program all just gets to nothing as the sale is reversed.

The program which is to be promoted has to be with good track record and most probably with zero charge backs. You have to choose these kinds of programs only which dont promises a complete charge back. So, if they refund partially your commission would not be reversed.

Other than the hosting products, you could also sell some nice and unique software and also some memberships which pays well. For choosing which is working best you can see in the affiliate account and get to know their track record of past so you would be able to realize what is best.

Also, it will lot depend on the niche you are choosing in just choose the product related to your niche and you will get the best output possible.

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