Best Earning for Download or Share Sites

People tend to confuse a lot with earning part – I have recently viewed a thread on Webmaster forum and the user asked – he has a download movies site – so what does he should use to earn.

First Thing First
You need to understand that contextual links only works good on content rich sites and as the download movies sites – share sites etc don’t have that much content to attract contextual links and make money. Therefore you should try other methods.

Also, don’t apply for adsense or any other contextual network account – if you have these kinds of site – your account will not probably approve.

So, you have to think differently from the traditional earning methods to make an earning from your site.

Other Methods to Earn
The one and only method that works smoothly on these types of sites is CPA Lead – you need to have the account on this network and embed their JavaScript code – and make a smooth earning.

Tip For More Earning
Even I have mentioned before also, nicest of method to make money with CPA lead on download movie sites is allow CPA lead application to load after a minute or two – when the user lands on to the page.

This will likely convert more leads and earning for you.

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