Blog Comments and Approval

We all receive comments on our blog posts – few of those who don’t receive comments need to make some interactive or exceptional writing to receive it. But largely we all receive comments and bunch of it – is spam comments.

Though Akismet protects from spam comments – but sometimes do some valid comments also land in the Akismet and – therefore it is always advised to check the spam comments on a regular basis.

About Approval
Some spam comments are so close to the valid comments that it infatuates the feeling of a valid comment – this must have happened to you also!

There is slight difference between valid and spam comments and you can actually grab it. When you look around the spam folder filtering the valid comments – it feels that the spam comments are good enough to approve – so watch for the appreciation and the praise in comments.

Appreciation: If you see the comment is appreciating you – you must approve it because it’s all valid content and by mistake it had fallen in to the spam folder.

Praise: whenever you see a praise comment – immediately hit the delete button – because 99% of it is not at all valid.

Now, no one can actually teach you the difference between appreciation and praise – there is thin line – which you can learn with the time and experience.

See, most of the comments are submitted for the sake of backlinks – so do take of this that you are not shedding too much of backlinks when you are approving comments.