Blogging or Content Collection

People new to blogging understand that blogging is mere writing about things. Blogging cannot be termed as content collection and for people who are doing content collection, it’s just the crap they are doing; moreover, they are also crapping the Internet.

Blogging and Content Collection
I am not being rude on this one – but most of the bloggers around the blogosphere – don’t do the blogging. They just do the content collection.

The difference between blogging and content collection; with blogging you are actually sharing the knowledge – something new to the world. But with the content collection you are just collecting information and publishing it in the same way.

Search engines do the same; they collect the content and present to you – now you are the one who actually filter the content and take what you required and what not.

The point I am making here is, if you are doing content collection, which search engines do, then you are not doing any kind of blogging.

This is the reason search engine ignores some of the blogs because they are not having any thing new. Therefore, work on your content and not your content collection – leave the job, which search engines are doing.

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