Blogging Tip – Make it Short

Recently Google implemented caffeine and they updated in their Webmaster blog that why they implemented caffeine structure – the reason was the World Wide Web is blossoming with content.

This is a true statement made by Google that content is blossoming and this is the reason you should opt for short.

What Short?
This is quite clear that people will find many articles related to any particular keyword – and to make your content read from this content herd is the difficult of the task.

First of all you want to be pretty unique so that your content could be crawled by search engines then only people will visit you and most important and key to this is you need to be short with your writing.

I have seen people writing more than 500-words, purely waste of time – since it is not needed in most of the cases. I am not saying that you should always keep it short – but do make it 500 where it is needed. Mostly lengthy articles lose their juice and it’s pretty much bland.

You need to
Make user comfortable while reading your content – have interactive writing style – which could compel user. Also writing your content in short paragraphs is necessary. Never exceed 250 words normally. As in my experience anything over 250 words is big no-no.

Therefore, make it short – meaning – interactive and readable.

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