Blogroll with Live Blogroll and Make Money

Making money out of blogging is all expect these days. People implement lot of things in the blogs. Mainly the advertisement and paid links to their blogs. Google has its own repercussion about paid links and they implement quite a few methods to track down the paid links.

I don’t know what Google has in mind and not wanting that bloggers should make money. LOL!

On the other side of the blogging, we all have Blogroll in our blogs and this is the nice way to share our friends and family network on the blogs. Not only this provides a valid backlink but also shares the link juice.

The time, wordpress and its plugins have changed much to a difference that makes blogging not only fun but also informative enough. Those days must have gone where we all but simple link in out Blogroll.

Now you can try the Live Blogroll
The plugin takes the Blogroll to new level. In Live Blogroll when you place the link of your friends and family it will look simple. But if someone hovers the cursor over it, the plugin will crawl the recent posts of the blogs present in the Blogroll.


I think if you sell your Blogroll position then you might be one some advantage as your Blogroll link will crawl the recent posts of the said blogs.

So, I personally think the users might be extra interested in advertising on the blogs, which have installed Live Blogroll plugin.

Both ways this could work around. If you simply want to share information of your Blogroll link or want to attracts the advertisers for your Blogroll position.

Details and Download
Want further details about the plugin then visit this. For Downloading the plugin click here.

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