Can You Rank with One Page

You might have used or seen single web page websites that are solely for promotion purposes – their domain and content is just for the promotion. Now, as these websites just have single web page in it – it is rather impossible to rank in the current scenario.

With the recent changes to Google search policies – these types of single web page websites have been degraded and Google has only been listing the quality and content rich pages above in the search results.

Reason and Outcome
Google is doing the right thing and eliminating the spam from the search results. I do mark these single web page websites as spam – because they are doing no good to the knowledge community and people get nothing when they visit them – just the referral to the advertiser website.

In previous years these web pages were easy to rank – but since the domain and content have increased – these single web pages are automatically degraded.

Don’t Think You Can with Single Web Page
Some people still believe that increasing the backlinks count to these single web page websites will bring their website to the top of the search results for the keyword. Complete waste of time and energy – Google will never ever list these websites on top – even if you have 10-times more backlinks from the top ranking website.

The reason is simple – that these single web page websites don’t have rich content.

single web page

Doing business this way – is dead! No use of it. If you need to make a website solely for the promotion of some program – then you need to develop the resource – good content rich website – with keywords in the content. Only then any kind of SEO. Single Web Page Websites are Out.

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