Clickbank Marketing with No Money

Clickbank landing pages are always not sweet to design and market. You can have the landing page design by an expert but when it comes to marketing – lots of money goes there. Now there is a simple and effective way to get things working on your side.

Get to Easy Way
You don’t need to book the domain and host your website in some server. Simple way is write an article for the product you are promoting which you might have to write even you host your landing page.

Now, comes the real trick – make a free blog either on blogspot or or any other related site. Make sure you choose the sub-domain or the free blog URL correctly – so that it organically optimizes the landing page for you.

When you have done choosing the right extension for your page – then host your written content to this blog site which you have created with your affiliate links – do the same things you might have been doing on your landing page – the only difference is the page you are hosting is for free – rest all your efforts remain the same.

When Done – Comes Marketing
Now, comes the tedious of tasks – how to market this page – instead of going for paid advertisement – rather go for some basic SEO works – like blog comments and social bookmarking submission.

This would rather be beneficial in drawing the traffic for you at your free blog site. So, with your affiliate links the traffic will be diverted to the product page and you make income in easy way.

You can also promote this particular page on twitter and facebook – to save your PPC cost. As free blog site pages are crawled quickly on search indexes – therefore this could benefit you a lot if you optimize it correctly.

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