Clicks and No Money – Why It Happens

I see a lot and lot of threads bursting out of Webmaster forums these days that they are witnessing clicks on their ads and clicks are counted as well in their adsense account but they are not paid for it.

I know its pretty frustrating and depressing situation – because all of the seriously webmasters work hard to get the traffic and when it comes to their adsense page they are not paid of it.

Now lets understand why it Happens
As you might know ads are geographically targeted and so if someone says that they are not meant for any specific country click – it is false.

The only reason of not counting it as paid click is just because that click generated from Spam – or any other means but not human – so as per the systems in place at Google end – to securely deliver the clicks – they do all this things of adjusting all false clicks.

We should be Happy
Just because of this system adsense is not banning the accounts – and altering all the spam generated clicks.

This is a beneficial system for both – the adsense and adwords.

As, I have adwords account and I have seen that after the clicks have been delivered and amount being charged then after the monthly accounting – they give the amount back as click adjustments.

Therefore, people thinking that adsense is not paying – is not right – but they are delivering true clicks – Fair money all across the system.

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