Clicks Not Counting

When you say this about any PPC affiliate program what does it actually mean – because I have seen numerous threads on Webmaster forum about it – any particular PPC affiliate program is performing good in comparison to other PPC affiliate network.

If you go one for testing – this might prove true – that one PPC affiliate network is performing good on a website with good CTR rates – but the other PPC affiliate network don’t perform as good – despite of placing in same location with same style.

The Reason
It mostly happens due to lack of advertisements – If you place a less popular PPC advertisement on your website – what it will serve to your visitors; the same kind of advertisements – so when your visitor has clicked on some advertisement – and when comes back and sees the same advertisement – visitor will naturally skip that – so this counts in less CTR rates.

On the other hand – if you place a popular PPC advertisement on your website – it will serve new advertisements every time visitor lands to your website – so as the fresh content attract users – the same thing happens when your visitor sees a fresh advertisement – visitor tends to click on it.

Click Not Counting – Reason
This is just an over-rated phrase – but this can’t be true for any PPC affiliate network – because all authoritative PPC networks perform a fair business practices and they can’t report the false or manipulated data.

So, next time when you have a less CTR rate for any PPC network – just see to your ads first and then complain – there are some more factors that lead to the performance of any PPC advertisement – namely niche. Will try to summarize more about niche and PPC performance in future blog posts.

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