Create a Buzz for Your Blog

Not always great writing attracts the user to your blogs, but there are some blogs on the web that might be ranking well in terms of traffic though they might not have that much valuable content.

The simple reason for their ranking that they have created a buzz for their blogs by any means and by just creating this buzz they are getting good amount of visitors and hence; ranking well.

Let the curiosity increase
It is said well in terms of advertising that when things said not to be done its always done. You must have seen and up-side down advertisement in newspapers, or “don’t click here” in website, and ask yourself whether you have turned the newspaper to see the adverts, majority of answers would be Yes!

Therefore, let the curiosity flow in your blogs too to actually make user more curious to know what is being going on in here.

Create a Buzz
Don’t mislead yourself in reading this; I am not talking about yahoo buzz, I am talking about the way to create buzz for your blog to get more visitors.

The simple and effective way to create a buzz is to submit yourself to as many social book-marking sites as you can. A social book-marking site usually attracts much traffic and the traffic is widespread in terms of countries, and also in age groups, and the interests.

Develop Curiosity

How will this help
As you submit your blogs to social book-marking sites you are actually making your content widespread in terms of back links and also in visibility.

Let me explain this; as you submit one of your headings in say about 20 social book-marking sites so when anybody search for the same kind of content your listing will be displayed more than once, hence creating a buzz to the user searching, and this makes the user curious to visit your blog.

Aftereffects or Negative effects
I don’t think so this will be a negative effect if you do this way, it’s a simple way of promotion that you are doing. Neither to hurt anyone or not you are buying links.

Try to make your heading somewhat attractive so that you could make out most of these social book-marking sites.

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