Definite Marketing Plans for Success

Marketing is the way, which can lead to your definite success or failure – you can actually excel your sales if you do the right kind of marketing. If you see to marketing keenly – there are indeed various levels of marketing – but as I recently faced something so this gave me the new marketing idea – which most of the people don’t follow or simply ignore.

Marketing Idea
Lets talk about sales and subscription in this post – as these are the two major blocks of marketing. If you have looked around the subscriptions sites such as hosting – domain and templates etc – they offer discount coupons.

You must have seen discount coupons available with hosting companies – but one thing that you might have not noticed is the discount coupons mainly available for the new customers – and not valid for the renewals.

But if discount coupons made valid for renewals also – this would definitely increase in subscription renewal and would prove a definite marketing plan.

On the other hand, if you have multiple products in your store – so you can offer discount levels – like the following if buyer buys:
1 Products – Discount available is 5%
2 Products – Discount available is 10%
3 Products – Discount available is 15%
4+ Products – Discount available is 20%

Then, the sales graph will definitely boost up and so as your profit – you will be highly recommended by users.

These marketing plan will not only pickup sales graph but will create a buzz for you – which will add up to your popularity and credibility. Just to be sure that with discounts you need to maintain the quality of products and support.

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