Do the Nautanki and Make Money

Yes! The simple mantra of making money online is that if you do the Nautanki (which means drama) then you can really make some extra money out of your current blog of website.

This does not mean that I am saying you to play some kind of drama on or off stage. You can simply make money by staying the owner of a blog or website.

How to Make Money is a media site, which collects videos from various sources and presented it to you. It’s basically a sponsored site, which has advertisers or content providers to give them the content, and you share the same content.

The operating is quite easy and there is not much glitch about the offer. There are content providers like Ftv, Channel V, Bollywood Hungama etc. these are providing their videos to this.

Only thing demands from you in order to make you money, is that you embed these content providers videos to your site or blog and then you can simple start making money. In other words this site wants you to share the videos from your website or blog as you might be doing with YouTube and other video related sites.

How and How Much Money
The working principle behind these kinds of websites is quite simple you have to show their videos on your site or blog and on the pay per view basis they pay you.

Now how they pay you on pay per view basis is also simple they embed advertisement in the beginning of the actual video and the revenue is shared with you.

Still Growing
The site is still under beta but you should grab this opportunity on the initial stage to get benefit fast. The channels or content providers and the number of videos no doubts are much less but as they show they are in beta so cant complain about this.

I think they can get in to fast lane soon as the website is growing and expanding, new videos are also added.

So Grab in this opportunity to make some real cash and that extra money that you have always wanted to make from your website or blog with the main stream income.

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