Don’t Push for The Sale

Many affiliate products look good and there are marketing tricks available which can easily turn those products in to the heaven of sales. One such trick to market is to mail your subscribers the product you are having.

This is one of the best trick and always work – because the user is directly connected to your blog – in a way of subscriber – the user follows your blog – your posts – your ideas – therefore on your recommendation user could opt for the product you are marketing to him.

This also works if you are having your own product – you can then too market it to your subscribers.

Pushing is Bad
As I have also subscribed to few blogs – and they tend to give product recommendation from time to time – either there own product or the affiliated product.

But I have seen few subscriptions – they just push for the sales. Pushing once is no bad and it can easily increase sales – but pushing too much can easily make the subscriber to unsubscribe.

If you have mailed once about the product its good – second recommendation of the same product in the same or the other day is more than enough and if you are repeating this on daily basis then you are pushing a lot for the sale.

This irritates the subscriber and then subscriber opts to unsubscribe for it. So, you lose the subscriber and most importantly a potential sale. Therefore, pushing once is more than enough.

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