Don’t Try This with CPA Lead

I grumble on CPA lead – I wanted to write something else about them – but something really turned my mind. May be I was taking CPA lead lightly and this was my fault as this is something really very hardcore thing in terms of affiliate marketing is concerned.

What Happened
Lets start from as it happened – I was really excited with the experiment I was starting with CPA lead. I made a page with a FREE offer about PLR Articles download. I then embedded the CPA lead code with it.

Now about the traffic – I was thinking about doing social bookmarking or any other related service to immediately give it a boost – my expensive mind suggested that why not try with Google adwords for a change.

Bingo without even calculating anything (for the very first time) – I immediately plunged into my adwords account – made an advertisement – chose the keywords and good for me (at that time) adwords people approved my advertisement quickly. For people, I have kept all the high keywords for this particular niche.

Literally my experiment was boom – and I had nothing to do on this – adwords barrier for the day I had adjusted on $20 – had clicks on my advertisement – so my money exhausted.

But the sad thing was I had not got any CPA lead qualification for it. Not a singly penny earned through this method.

I had bit confidence that if I do adwords marketing on CPA lead so I would be able to drive quality traffic – and they will do what I needed from them. But they ditched me.

Therefore, in my experience CPA lead failed even I marketed through adwords. I have yet to find out the mistakes I did on this – but on first instance everything look in right place. Will keep you all updated the other way to market the CPA lead.

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