Do’s and Don’t of Twitter to Make Money

People are on twitter and many other users are only on twitter to make money as this is the newest medium and still the potential is yet to be explored.

But some people don’t understand basics of this nice platform – and they have just made the twitter account because they want to make money – okay fine – but you need to understand that placing just advertisement tweets can actually irritate other users as well.

Why People Follow You
Because they have to follow – that’s why the users are not following you. They are following you because they want to know about yourself and your development.

They are interested in your tweets – may be any kind of tweet you do – but they are interested in it.

Don’t for the Twitter
Since, the users are following you because of tweets – so just tweeting of ads and adlinks will not benefit you – because all these ads work on CPC. Since, people might feel somewhat irritating with this attitude – therefore they will start ignoring the tweets – and finally your earning will fall.

Don’t only just tweet about the ads – do tweet about general things – which might matter your users in general and then you can tweet about the ads also – I would suggest for every 10+ real tweets you can tweet one advertisement.

Following this will not only increase your followers organically but your earning will also boost up.

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