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As the Infogle birthday passed and still the updates are not over yet. But managed to do some nice updates to the site. Recently added a new ebook store. Yes this is the section that I always wanted to have in Infogle.com

About The Ebook Store
The store is completely automated. You could get a variety of choice and niche to choose from and the rates from which you could download the ebooks are also amazing.

I have tried to give the minimum rate as possible. And there are specially sections two from where you can get the ebooks at the least possible cost.

Just choose the ebook and signup for a account and then you will be taken to the paypal gateway and after successful payment you will be immediately presented with the download link, so all works instantly.

In coming days you will see some more ebooks added to this section and I hope that updates will be frequent so that it could help build your interest.

If You Want Something
I would say give it a try and you will see that the ebooks are really helpful and you might find the ebook which you might have not thought of such a low price.

Moreover, if you want any certain kind of ebook so use the contact link present in the Ebook Store and write to us. If possible we will add the ebook to the store and let you know about it. This can also be termed as ebook on demand.


I really hope you like the design and ebooks and if there is anything you want to let us improve or help with this ebook store section then kindly use the contact button present and we will try to solve it as quick as we can.

Once again The Ebook Store is at: http://www.Infogle.com/catalog

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