Economy Affecting the CPA Advertisers

Recession is the only word that we all hear these days with any thing that we come around and internet is no less as this recession has also taken over the internet.

What are the Signs?
If you are an active Webmaster forum user or a Webmaster blog reader than you must have noticed that many people say their PPC earning is down. They are having less traffic or fewer clicks on their ads. Could you relate this to recession – I can say yes!

In some situation you can blame your PPC earning to recession. I have not yet thought any powerful way to beat this online recession.

Affecting Advertiser
Previous part was for publishers and their earnings getting affected but these days you must have seen in many CPA offers more and more advertisers accounts are getting disabled due to insufficient funds.

I am getting on an average of 10-emails every day that some advertiser has been disabled, out of 10 you can say some 2-3 advertisers are able to refill their accounts and their CPA offer is again activated.

So, with a raw stats at least 50-60% of CPA advertisers skip every day, this is a serious issue for all the webmasters and publishers who make their living out of CPA.

No matter how quick they return to the online world but at least for now they are skipping CPA accounts and that also in a faster rate.

The only solution for you is to have a good contact or good business relation with the CPA advertiser for which you are marketing and are relying also.

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