Experiment Results For My Link Directory

Ever since Link directories came in to existence – I have been using it on my Infogle.com Directory – so it has been long since I started my directory business and today I am proud to say that I have thousands of links submitted to my directory and thousands are waiting for approvals – but since it is a paid directory and paid submissions are approved within 6hrs.

Apart from this – I have been experimenting a lot on monetizing, as paid submissions alone are not the good alibi to incur the recurring cost.

Therefore, I used many CPA and CPM ads but results were not soothing enough since people came to directory are not at all interested in banner ads etc.

This was the only reason for me to search for the link advertising option – I implemented and believe me with a fact it worked like instant noodles and allowed to make a bit more than I was enchasing with CPC or CPM.

My honest suggestion for all the directory owners is implement link advertisements as there are many keywords in directory, which could reap healthy amounts.

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