Facebook Advertising How to Do it

Facebook advertising is no different from others – as it also has CPC or CPM means of advertising. But you can easily use it differently to form a good base for your product or services and it would reap profits in longer term.

As we know advertisements are exhausted when we don’t advertise – but with facebook it’s different altogether.

How To Advertise on Facebook
I am not explaining that how to signup and make your first campaign because I hope you all know that. But there is a way you can opt specially for facebook advertisements.

Make a Facebook page – with your product or service information – whatever you are promoting – and if possible integrate it with your twitter and blog too so that this facebook page can remain updated.

Now, start your campaign on facebook and put the URL of the facebook page you have created for your product as the landing page URL.

Outcome of Advertisement
The users that visit to your facebook page will click on the like button and so they will be automatically added to the page’s fan list and also they could visit your website for subscription or buying.

This could act viral – because the users that clicked on the like button – will have the updates of your facebook page posted on their walls, and their friends can see the updates about your product and if they too liked the product they will visit your facebook page and then to your website.

Even if you stopped advertising after some time – this process will never stop and it will grow day by day – reaping you the profits.

I hope this method is clear to you – for any query related to this blog post do let me know. It would be pleasure to help you.

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