Failed to Make Money Online?

People start any career with an aim to become successful in their field and when this does not happen quickly or as they expected so they are in deep depression. Mostly all of us have set some targets about our career but the question in concern is how much we have followed our career path to become a successful.

Why Fail
The actual issue is when we don’t calculate our career interests and led to the path, which is shown by others. Usually the moneymaking ideas that are disclosed on the blogs and or ebooks work successfully but they demand some attention and effort to put in by you.

The people who follows without calculation are the people who are most fascinated by the income that method generate. These people I term it as blank followers who like to follow something blankly without ever thinking on their interests.

What happens next: They don’t have any flair for the work they have started only they have in mind the target they have about xx numbers, so these people fail drastically.

Achieve Success
The only thing that matters most in making money whether online of offline is to understand the basics. If you can’t go through the understanding of the basics then how could you achieve a higher level?

Take a simple example of your life. When you were promoted to higher grade because you have completed your term successfully. Likewise planning things about making money and understanding the basics could help you achieve what you have it in your mind.

Don’t Follow
Yes this is most intrusive part of the post. If you are presented or comes of to a moneymaking idea that does not mean that you should have to follow that. See, I point to bloggers and many in my blog too.


I have posted many business plans and how to market, also some of the making money ideas, which could be worked off, but this does not mean that these plans work for everyone who reads the post.

Final Word
The only lines that are coming to my mind is: follow with a plan and understand the basics to avoid depression and unsuccessful career.

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