Free Twitter Clone

With the evolution of micro-blogging tools such as twitter and plurk the sentiment of all was attracted to these micro-blogging sites. As always happen people wanted to start the same kind of niche.

As we have many-many clones of the popular websites so twitter is not an exception. I was thinking this to happen, but so quick I had not thought so.

So, all you twitter inspired people; here’s your chance to start the similar kind of service, which I called as micro-blogging tool. The price to start is also very attractive just go thorough this post.

Twitter Clone
When I first saw I was really excited to share this on my blog. Laconica is the website which actually shares the twitter clone. A similar kind of website and function which twitter has.

It has most of the functionalities which twitter has and also its working is quite smooth and easy.

Feel relaxed. This is open source tool. Yes! It’s an open source tool, and it’s free to use it the way you like it.

What’s more this also supports the OpenID. You can edit the software the way you want to have it.

I am sure you will be excited to read this if you are a twitter fan and wanted to start a similar service. Just visit the Laconica and download the script. If you are keen to see the demo of the script then visit identi.

The software is still in its early stages and you could also add your suggestions to improve this software. Many more features are expected soon.

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