Get Free Publicity on Twitter and Facebook

Gain more popularity for your products for free – Yes! The biggest social networks such as twitter and facebook can be used to promote your products for free by people.

You get free facebook wall posts – free tweets.

How to Get Free Publicity
There is a service called – Estago – that lets you sell your products in exchange of free tweets and facebook wall posts.

This is How You Do it
If you have something to share with your visitors in return of grabbing free tweets and facebook wall posts then this is how you do it. It’s very simple and within few steps you could start your campaign – just follow below:

  1. Go to the website: and click the “generate button”
  2. You decide the product which you want to share – you don’t have to upload it to anywhere – just keep it on your website and put the url in the given space.
  3. With filling few information as asked for generating the button code.
  4. Click on the “Create my Button”

The code which you get just place it on your website and you are done!

free publicity

Now, every time the user has to download your product – user can click on the button present on your website which says, “Pay with a tweet or facebook” – after they tweet or post the pre-typed message – they get the download link for the product.

You get the free publicity on twitter and facebook without doing anything.

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