Have You Heard of Cheap Blogging

Most awkward heading ever read isn’t it. But it’s a true fact that these days some bloggers are doing cheap kind of blogging. I am not going to highlight things that some bloggers cheat for content. No No! This is bit different to what you will be going to read here.

Cheap Blogging
I recently visited a blog and looked attractive, the blog did not had much visitors (not an issue), as was clearly shown across the rating and the popularity. I liked some of the posts. I visited twice to be precise may be thrice or four times to just check the content whether its updating or it’s a dump blog.

I really liked some of the posts and as normally all visitors will do I left a comment on the blog. Now the glitch comes. Any guesses?

As we all know if you leave a comment on any blog, it will by default; be linking to your blog or website from the username your posted on the blog. Right! This was the usual information.

The glitch is blogger is not actually approving my comment, the reason is simple I don’t think I have to elaborate more on the issue. The blogger is afraid of giving a petty back link to my blog.

Afraid Off
What? If he is afraid of I don’t know for what. If he is afraid approving the comment and giving the back link then he should quit blogging because the basics of blogging is that you have to let people comment to it if not then what’s the reason of blogging?


Ah! There may be another reason, as my blog is of similar niche and giving a similar blog a back link he never wants to. So, he skipped my comment unapproved.

I visited his blog to check one more thing and that was, is he approving comments for other people certainly yes a person not of similar niche and who commented after me was approved.

I Strongly Suggest
Please never do this kind of blogging. This will not help you in anyway. If you think that linking to a similar blog is a threat then go and appreciate the similar niche blog and improve your content first and then be a professional blogger or may be a part-time blogger. Whatever your choice is.

Also knowledge to be kept in mind, if you really think about some blogs and bloggers and like to follow, may of your similar niche. So this would be simple way to actually judge the bloggers attitude. Make a valid comment and revisit the blog to see if your comment was approved. If yes then you may trust the posts of the blogger and if not then I think I don’t have to tell you what you have to do. Just give a big skip to the blog.

If you are doing this kind of blogging I suggest you to quit. Blogging is all about care for your users. The things that count much is how you appreciate your users and not depreciate. Learning and let other learn is what the wholesome of blogging world.

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