Have You Included the Word FREE?

The most interesting topic I have found out for the day and it’s called the FREE. The word is attractive to attract wider audiences and often used to attract a group of people or users to something.

Have you ever realized the power of FREE? You must have noticed and if you have not then do it now, search for some website and start reading the content and all of sudden your eyes would be attracted to some banner or text which is not even related to your content which you are reading, mark that word out that must be the word FREE.

How to Use
Now, this is what required much in any website success of whatever kind it is. You must have spend on SEO but all is not SEO the rest half is depended on your website look and content listing. SEO will draw users to your website but then your content and offer will make out that the user who has landed will convert or not.

When it comes to blog and blogging the word FREE plays an important role for your users. You must have something in your blog to attract users for some it might be content but for all it may be something that they could be more than interested.

As if you are just information sharing blog then it is for sure that your content may have already been written or it’s a chance that someone else could write better after you, so this is all in competition.

But when it comes to something for FREE it takes you on different stride and it cannot be at par or compared with anything because the pricing you are offering that cannot be exactly matched and your price is FREE.


Many stuff available online can be purchased and given for free. There are some cool deals of software and ebooks which you can easily offer for free in your blog or website. This would enhance your website and user will be keenly interested to know what’s the next stuff you are offering for free.

Hence, you should always take care of the word FREE.

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