Have You Tried Google Video Units

I need to say the innovation on the Google adsense end is just excellent. They really make out some of the best arrangement for making money online. First ever when they launched the pay per click module the whole world was more than excited to grab the opportunity and earn from it.

Now there is another innovation around the corner. The new innovation is called as “Google Video Units” and I need to say this that I firmly believe that Video Units will be equally properly as Ad Units.

The logic that works behind Video Units is that Google will deliver you some of the quality videos from YouTube with their syndication you just have to choose the category the required category and generate code and there you begin with your new Video Units from Google Adsense.

Earning is depended on the PPC served within the video player. Yes! You read it right the PPC is served within the video player and some ads are even below the video to enhance the earning ratio.

You don’t have to worry about the PPC that are served within the video player they will the matching with the content page as normal Adsense PPC does.

I think this is the very new way to automatically present some of the best videos to your users and without any hassles and no script implementation nothing. Just login to your adsense account and generate code and start making money.


I will soon be updating Infogle home page with video units, so just come back to see the same within a day. As I have not still tried myself so can’t be sure of how it actually performs, but looking at the opportunity and as it is presented by Google I am sure it will do well.

If you have already tried before and want to add something to this post then do have your say on the comments.

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