How do you write on blogs?

Have you ever released that what is the right way to write blogs? I am not talking about what to write about niche and what content should be related to niche. But I am talking about he correct way of writing.

As I have personally witnessed that most of the bloggers even those who claims to be pro-blogger they also make some silly spelling mistakes, which rather changes the meaning of the sentence or immediately break up the reading of the users.

Why this happens?
The biggest reason according to me is that the blogger is in hurry and do not proofread the post. The hurry may be one of the reasons but there could be more for an instance; blogger is keen on thinking about the topic and because of this he misses the grammatical mistakes or the spelling mistakes.

Grammatical mistakes are also the blunder mistakes but it could be forgiven if the spelling is correct.

How to Correct
So, lets now talk about what to do to correct these mistakes. The space provided in the wordpress to write the post though its is fully customized solution i.e., you can bold, italics etc. But the spellings you need to write correctly or correct by your own.

One of the alternates is that you can write using Firefox browser in your wordpress as the new Firefox browser comes with spell check. But it’s not the ultimate solution.

The only solution that I have applied writing my post is to write first in MSWord and then copy it to the blog.


This way you can prevent some of the silly mistakes that often happen due to mistyping. To make your authority with the post you need to have a spell check before posting it on your blog.

2 thoughts on “How do you write on blogs?”

  1. The funny thing is that you talk about not making spelling mistakes and yet the third word in your post is misspelled. Your credibility on the subject – down the drain.

  2. Great Buddy…! The mistake was intentional to just make out does actually this makes sense to my blog users or not. You were the first person to make the comment… on it. I am still waiting for the users to finally see could they also make out what is the mistake. 😉

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