How Much to Blog and Feed

You have to write daily and you have to write quality this is the basic of blogging, but no body has ever thought on how much to write.

Some bloggers recently commented on this issue that how you should go with writing. The basic of blogging is that you have to write on consistent basis this all of us know.

But besides writing on consistent basis you also need to know how much you have to write and how many posts you have to write in your blog.

Some bloggers in the initial stages write up to 10+ posts a day and some may be 20+ but wait what are you actually doing have you thought about this?

I believe that you have never ever thought on the issue. I also believe that most of bloggers have not thought on this, as this is the biggest issue in blogging. Writing more posts in one day and writing just about 2 posts another day could break the rhythm of your readers. Also more posts in day can lead to overfeeding your blog readers.

How this shapes
Readers come to your blog for reading content and as you writing capacity they shows in your daily posts so this makes the users mind that you will write only two posts. If you have written one posts they will read and they will come back to read another post as they believe that you would write 2-post, this is what consistency called as.

But if you write 2 posts in one day and another day you are writing about 5posts and also looking that your blog traffic will increase then wait and relax. It’s not about posting its about feeding the content to your readers. Because all of your readers know that you write 2 posts a day or may be 3, but all of sudden write 5+ posts then user will not come back because they had their feed of two posts for a day.


Therefore, before you thought of blogging (as a professional blogger) you need to know that how much you can write and write exactly that much and do not fail in your commitments.

Overfeeding Logic
Blog is medium of sharing knowledge and in one day there is a human limit to what he can learn as it is well said, “Rome was not built in one day” so you have to keep this in mind when you are blogging.

As if you letting people learn through your blog posts like most of “making money online” blogs do, then you should limit your posts as your readers will learn more specifically if you give them a consistent day by day feeding.

This scene is completely different for news-based blogs as they have to write the current happenings and the happenings could be more or less.

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