How PR Ranking Works

PageRank is simply Google’s way of indexing all content and websites based on importance. Since Google uses a set of algorithms (not humans) to make this possible, it’s important that you learn the key steps involved for making sure you are making the most of your website, your blog, and even your Yahoo! Discussion posts. Google reviews the number of pages that link to other pages as part of this system, effectively assigning it a higher page rank because of its online importance. These ‘votes’ are collected on an ongoing basis, and you will find it much easier to establish an online presence when people can easily find your business through Google.

It’s important to keep in mind that not all links are counted by Google, and some sites can even be penalized if Google deems them unworthy. Links to a site that can be harmful can be ignored by Google if they also link to penalized sites. It is very important that all sites that have a PR0 are not linked on your site, since this may lead to a penalty.

PageRank for each specific page is calculated by the number of inbound links from within and outside the site. The equation to calculate PageRank is relatively complicated, but a page’s PageRank is simply:

PR = 0.15 + 0.85*(the share of the PR of the link)


A page that has a higher value for its share, then, will increase your own PR naturally. The PageRank of a page that links to yours is a critical factor in the number of links on your page that become important. Essentially, Google PR calculates the final value by:

  • Determining the value of your websites inbound links on multiple pages.
  • The value of your website’s internal linking.
  • The number of pages within the site; the more pages that a website has, the higher the PageRank will be.
  • The number of dangling links n the page (sometimes not picked up by Google).
  • The number of outbound links (these an actually lower the Page Rank so it’s important that links are reciprocated as much as possible)

The more that you can increase your website or blog with relevant content an information, the higher the chances of establishing an improved Page Rank. Ultimately, this will help you build credibility across the web.

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