Inch by Inch and Anything’s a Cinch

Hot on the heels of the consistency principle is the law of growth. In fact these two success secrets when used together form the basis of almost all long-term success.

The law of growth is simply this – if you increase your efficiency or concentration or applied knowledge or your understanding by just 1% each and every day then your improvement over an entire year will be colossal.

If you add the 1% up over a year you’ll improve 365%. Now imagine yourself improving like this for 5 years.

Success is a progression of small steps, one building on another, eventually creating monumental momentum.

“Inch by Inch and anything’s a cinch”

The law of growth is achieved by taking things step by step by step. You only get to take the big steps once you’ve done the smaller ones first.

For instance, before you can make a million, you need to make $100,000. Before that you need to make $10,000. Before that you need to make $1000. Before that you need to make $100 and before that you need to make $1.

Can you see why so many people fail because they are looking for the instant fix to fulfill their dreams rather than following the path of continual improvement?


Finally, they key to continual improvement and growth is enthusiasm. You have to get passionate at what you do. Couple this with good habits and consistency and you’ll be shocked and amazed at what you can achieve. I promise.

Improve a little everyday. Keep an ideas, discovery and progress journal. Refer to it regularly. Visualize yourself improving before you go to sleep.

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