Is Adwords Ripping You?

I hear many times that adwords is behaving strange and people shout that adwords is ripping them and are charging hefty – and clicks are not being delivered correctly to their page or just like that.

But when I go deep in to these issues – the simple answer I found that people did not read it correctly and all this is due to lack of knowledge – so what they have done strange?

Points to Keep in Mind
Few of the settings and configuration that you have to mind – when setting up any campaign in adwords:

  1. Select the country list and include as much countries you are targeting correctly.
  2. Select the right keyword of your choice or the niche-targeted keyword. Adwords helps you in choosing the right one.
  3. Bid displayed are the maximum bids you can easily make less bid and your advertisement will publish low.
  4. See the tags after your advertisement is published – whether its online or still in waiting period – you will get the tags in your adwords account beside the campaign.
  5. Foremost and the important thing if you are going with prepaid or postpaid account – just keep a check to your daily spending limit – this is where people claim that adwords is ripping them. As they don’t limit the daily spend and afterwards clicks are delivered to them.

As Google is not the one who is meant to rip you off in any stage – their staff, their tools, and their stuff all are meant to support you – just update your knowledge and see things taking u-turn with you at adwords.

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