Key to Autoblogging

People find it highly convenient to blog with autoblog – as you don’t have to do much in it and you rely on plugin that crawls the posts from a number of RSS feeds – Just you have to place ads and get started with earning.

Now, comes the Google – who definitely not likes the autoblog thing – as because all the posts are duplicated and exactly copied – so if there is nothing unique – why a search engine would crawl them and list into their index.

How To Manage
I know there are too many plugins that claim to make wonders for your blog – but since all work on the same method to copy the content from other networks and place to your blog.

There is a simple way you can turn Google’s interest in your autoblog too – when you are autoblogging probably with some plugins – let that be setup and work standalone as it has to work – but do spare some time in the week – to write something unique in your autoblog.

Just manage to write 4-unique posts in a week in the autoblog and see the difference – Google definitely likes unique content and it will index it and also index the other posts of your autoblog.

This is the key to work with autoblogging plugins.

Writing just 4-unique posts in a week is not at all difficult task and anyone can manage it. Since, you get your other posts crawled with this trick. Don’t forget to add XML sitemap for your autoblog too – for an enhanced crawling.

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