Landing Pages and Google Caffeine

As you might have read my previous blog post about Google caffeine – now with this new search policy introduced by Google – it has become difficult for people who made catalog websites or others static pages ones and solely depended on the SEO for ranking.

Now, all those pages will hit a setback. Since, there are many people who try the same way to make money with offers through landing pages.

What’s Now Then
Many people will say that “landing pages are marketed directly through advertisements – so no problem if there is a new search policy in place” very true. But like all other things, there are few people on Internet that solely depends on organic traffic for marketing of their CPA offers.

Now, a simple solution for all those is that – as you were previously doing – like making static landing pages – now also do the same thing – the only change that you need to make is install a blog in any of the subfolders of your website.

With the blog installed – make at least 4 posts a week related to your product. You can also have a rewrite of your topic that you have already written. This way you can keep your website live and breathy.

Keep doing the SEO work as you were doing previously but make sure to include your blog links also. Do make sure to include affiliate links of the products on your blog too.

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